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Happy Golden Book Birthday, The Colors of Winter!

colors of winter cover

Hold on to your stocking cap!  A new Little Golden Book about winter has arrived and it’s bound to warm your heart.


WHITE is out the window.
Look at all the snow!

RED is Grandma’s old sled.
Up the hill we go. . . .

Preschoolers will enjoy this lively poem about all the festive colors of winter.

They’ll gaze at the cheerful, textured illustrations of a girl playing outside on a snowy day until it’s time to warm up inside–over hot cocoa with Grandma. “TURQUOISE is the handle of my favorite cup. BROWN is hot cocoa that warms my insides up. . . .”

This story, by one of today’s acclaimed picture-book authors has the feel of a cherished classic.

A perfect companion to The Colors of Summer!

Watch the Trailer

Available today!

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The Colors of Winter
A Little Golden Book
written by Danna Smith
illustrated by Amber Ren
ISBN: 978-1524768928 hardcover
ASIN: B07N5MTB4B e-book

Get the companion book: The Colors of Summer.

photo collage danna smith

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